To Close And Agreement

In fact, TechCrunch understands that Nokia and Microsoft worked hard to make a deal, but there were still no dice. A contract and related contracts are concluded together. To be eligible for the conclusion, no cost or income can be booked in future periods, which are not net at 0 (zero) after the period for this contract/employment, and there may be no reservations currently in stacking reservation files that are for that contract/employment. The JC Contract Master form also shows the month ended. This field can be used to record the month you wait for the contract to be concluded while it is still open. After closing, you can`t change the month. If there are future bookings, the months will appear in red and a message (at the top of the screen) indicates that fee or revenue bookings are available in the coming months and that you cannot close. Last month`s activity information shows where future bookings are available. For example, for each type of project (for example.B. Is, original estimate, projected, total, etc.) last month`s activity is displayed for hours, units and dollars.

If the lot month is 06/07 and you have Total Cmtd business units in 04/07 and Total Cmtd activity in 07/07, the black activity will be displayed units, but dollar activity will be red and you will not be able to conclude the contract. If there are future bookings for the contract, the month will eventually be highlighted in red (i.e. the final revenue sections, last fee, last monthly activity for last month`s cost and/or activity for turnover). If you make a soft-close and allow booking in soft closed commands (flag in the JC company settings), the system allows you to close. If you do not allow reservation in Softclosed commands or if you make a hard conclusion, the system does not allow the conclusion and triggers an error when checking the stack. You must withdraw the contract from the lot before you can process the lot. Leaders close to the talks said the two sides were not yet close to a price deal for KLM.