Sdep Access Agreement

In addition, Article 58 requires that the MEC DE procedures for the implementation, operation and maintenance of the SDEP and access to the SDEP be stopped and put in place. MAP 32 (The MRA Agreed Procedure for the SDEP) has been developed to facilitate this task, which can be accessed through procedures approved by the MRA. The Beach Management Funding Assistance Program (BMFAP) works in coordination with local sponsors to ensure the protection, conservation, restoration and feeding of sandy beaches across the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Florida Straits, and for bay management to replicate natural sand drift interrupted by improved, modified or modified bays. State assistance is requested annually through a local government application process. The BMFAP`s mission is to execute funding agreements for eligible feasibility, planning, construction and monitoring tasks, as soon as resources are made available by the legislature. Information Disclosure Policies Access to this website allows certain user information, such as IP addresses (Internet Protocol), site browsing, time spent with other similar information, to be stored on UNDP servers. They do not specifically identify the user. The information is used internally only for the analysis of the site`s traffic. When the user provides unique credentials such as name, address and other information on forms stored on this site (for example. B applications), this information will only be used for the stated purposes and will not be passed on to parties outside OF UNDP or will not be published for general access. However, UNDP assumes no responsibility for the security of this information.

You will find questions about how UNDP discloses its information in the Information Directive. The department`s Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) program protects coastal resources from poorly developed structures and activities that can destabilize the beach and dunes system, cause erosion, damage to land ownership, or impede public access. In addition, coastal construction activities must be designed and implemented to protect sea turtles and dunes.