Hawaii Prenuptial Agreement Law

We design pre-marriage agreements and post-ascending agreements for couples in all cases. We have extensive experience in developing strong, low-cost pre-marriage agreements. If you have a question about Hawaii wedding contracts or would like to create a consultation, email us or call us at 593-2199. We are delighted to hear you speak. Contrary to what many people think, pre-marriage agreements are not just contracts to “eliminate” a bride/fiancĂ©e. Rather, they are tools that a couple can use to determine what happens in the event of a divorce. This can allow couples to get married without worrying about divorce scenarios in the worst case scenario. Marriage agreements are agreements between two people who are considering either marriage or being already married, setting in advance the conditions/problems if the parties are subsequently divorced. Pre-marriage agreements are generally referred to as pre-marital agreements (also known as marriage contracts). Marriages contracted after the parties are made available are referred to as shift or post-marriage labour agreements.

A marriage agreement in Hawaii is a spousal contract between potential spouses that allows parties to discuss and define how they want to share their property, property, finances and debts after divorce (if any). The agreement will not come into force with the signature, but with the marriage. The Hawaii court will apply a marital agreement, provided both parties have signed the contract, and it is clear that the provisions set out in it are not unfairly unfair to a party. Premarital agreements in Hawaii, also known as “Prenups” or pre-marital agreements, are approved under the Premarital Uniform Act (HUPAA) – Hawaii Revised Statutes Section 572D. These are essentially contracts between two people who wish to marry. Although prenups are contracts, they do not come into effect immediately with the signing of the parties. On the contrary, prenups take effect if the parties actually marry. If the parties do not marry at the end, the Prenup will not come into force. Before marriage, a marriage book is written that determines what each party receives or keeps when the marriage ends in divorce.