Charles Schwab Account Agreement

Some fees can be charged with a debit or credit card. By authorizing Schwab to debit a debit or credit card, you authorize Schwab or its respective representatives or agents to automatically charge that card (or a replacement card account if, for any reason, the original card is renewed, lost, stolen or modified by the loan agency and that entity notifies Schwab of such a replacement account) for any fees and fees related to your transactions or products or services. are linked. This agreement contains significant terms of sale applicable to Schwab IRAs and Schwab IRA`s services, including the traditional IRA and the Roth IRA. Any language contained in this account agreement or any related agreement that is in conflict or may be inconsistent with Charles Schwab`s plan of shooting – Co., Inc. Individual Retirement, including, but not limited to, sections 5.2 or 5.8 of this Plan, or sections 408 or 4975 of the Internal Code and the rules referred to in it , must be interpreted as consistent and consistent with this plan and sections of this code and the provisions of this code. To the extent that it is not possible to interpret such a language as compatible with this plan or with the provisions and regulations of the code, that language does not take effect to the extent that this inconsistency or non-compliance is not effective or effective. This section comes into effect retroactively on the first day the account holder entered into the IRA agreement. All transactions on your margin and short account account are subject to the account contract in its entirety and to any other written agreement between you and us, all of which are changed from time to time. You are responsible for paying all fees charged to your account from time to time.

You agree that Schwab may liquidate obligations in your account to cover these or other debts in the absence of funds in your account. They also agree to be responsible for all costs and commissions associated with these liquidations. In addition, you agree that Schwab has the right to use dividends, capital gains, interest payments or other incoming funds, such as funds that would otherwise be invested through the automatic investment plan or dividend reinvestment, to cover Schwab`s expenses or other debts.