Autopay Agreement Template

Square offers two free generic credit card authorization forms to download. You don`t need to process payments with Square to use these models. In addition to the card authorization model, we`ve created a suite of free contract templates that you can use for different aspects of your business. The paperwork on this page can be downloaded via the mitigation surfaces with the image or the top left. Note that you`ll see three buttons so you can download this permission template as a pdf or text. The last paragraph of this model requires one last element of preparation before it can be signed. Complete this binding statement with the name of the merchant, the money of your credit card in the empty space shortly after the words “… I agree with that. You must sign your name on the signature line entitled “Signature of the CardHolder” and then enter the current calendar date in the adjacent line (“Date”). The first paragraph contains the necessary text to regularly authorize the same credit card payment to a particular merchant. Just below this first paragraph, you need to complete a statement with some important information. First, enter your name in the empty line called the cardholder`s name.

Be sure to present this item exactly as it appears on your credit card. In the empty line, with the inscription “Dealer`s Name,” enter the full name of the dealer (or credit duor) that you will be able to debit regularly in the future. This name should appear exactly as it does in books. You should indicate exactly how much the above merchant can charge your card and how many times that amount should be charged. Report the total amount of money that the merchant can charge you on the empty line according to the dollar sign. You must now specify how often this payment amount can be withdrawn from your card by the merchant. You can allow one week to once, once a month or another of you, to choose from, if you document it clearly. The blank line called “day” accepts either the double-digit calendar day of the month in which you authorize the payment in question, or the day or week, or another due date.