Airbus Purchase Agreement Pdf

4.1.4 Representations, guarantees and alliances. On the date of delivery, the relevant assurances and guarantees of the association of tenants and trustees concerned and, in the other operational documents, must be correct and correct on all essential points, at least as if they were made on that date and from that date, or if these assurances and guarantees relate exclusively to an earlier date. , as they predate that date. , and each leasing and trust company has executed and complied with, on all significant aspects, all obligations, commitments and agreements it has made under this agreement and in other operational documents that must be respected and complied with at the time of delivery date. Section 25. Tenant`s benefits and rights. Any obligation imposed on the tenant in this tenancy agreement only presupposes the performance or performance of this obligation by the tenant, even if it is considered a direct obligation, and the performance of such an obligation by an assignee, subtenant or acquirer licensed in the context of a contract of transfer, subletting or transfer constitutes the execution by the taker and , to this extent, depending on the terms of the applicable assignment, subletting or transfer contract, performance of this obligation by the tenant. Unless otherwise stated in this tenancy agreement, a tenant`s right in the tenancy agreement confers on the tenant the right to exercise that right or to authorize the exercise of that assignee, subtenant or purchaser with the same force and effect as if that assignee, subtenant or purchaser was called “Lessee”. The inclusion in certain provisions of the lease of any specific reference to the obligations or rights of a assignee, subtenant or assigneee should in no way prevent or reduce the application of the provisions of the two sentences immediately preceding the commitments or rights for which no specific reference to a transferee, subtenant or purchaser has been made in this lease agreement. Agreement – this contract to purchase the A320 family aircraft, including all Letter Agreements in Schedule I and all attachments, annexes and schedules, as the same modification may be amended or amended and in effect from time to time. (c) the tenant has provided the landlord and the owner participant with an officer`s certificate and a notice from the lawyer (who may be the tenant`s general counsel) indicating that this consolidation, merger, transmission, transfer or leasing and the acceptance agreement described in point (a) are in accordance with this section 6.1.3 and that all conditions for this transaction have been met (excluding the view that this notice should not cover the issues (a) and may rely, for substantive reasons, on the certification of a tenant`s official) and, in the case of such an opinion, that such an acceptance agreement has been duly approved, executed and delivered by the successor, that it constitutes its legal, valid and binding undertaking and that it is enforceable against the successor in accordance with its conditions, unless the successor can be limited by the applicable bankruptcy.

, moratorium or similar laws affecting the rights of creditors in general and according to general capital principles.