Actors Equity Guest Artist Agreement

It`s important! Applications can be sent by email or, if necessary, by mail, to your equity agent or, for new producers, by email Please do so as soon as possible, but preferably at least three weeks before the first sample. After receipt, you will be informed of the amounts needed to process your contracts. It may take at least three weeks from the date your cheques arrive at Equity to process your application, so please plan accordingly. We also accept electronic payments. If you are interested, please find out if you are contacting us. 8. Housing and transport. Most contracts provide accommodation and round-trip transportation for a-towns.

Disney World Agreement. This agreement concerns the theater actors of Walt Disney World in Orlando. Disney`s health insurance is available. The Disney deal is managed from the Orlando office. University/resident-theatre association contract (URTA). The URTA agreement includes four minimum wage levels based on weekly gross cash and the number of benefits. This is available for colleges and universities, which regularly employ professional actors and stage directors to perform with students. Visit the URTA website for more information on the assignment. New Orleans Area Theatre (NOLA). This is a modified and expanded agreement on specific aspects specifically designed for use in the immediate territory of New Orleans. It is based on the premise that actors and stage managers can be used regularly. NOLA contains three levels of pay based on the number of performances and the rehearsal hours for which the member is employed.

Musicals should not be produced under NOLA. There is no health insurance. Once an agreement has been reached, you should provide the actor with a script and schedules for rehearsal and press obligations. Actors are not required to advertise; However, the actor may agree to do public relations with an appropriate announcement. The advertisement must not contain production material. In the absence of special circumstances, in a production under this agreement, no more than three actors and an internship manager are hired. If three or more actors are employed, an internship manager must also be used as part of the Guest Artist Agreement. To make it easier for you to access, you will find here a breakdown of the most frequently used contracts, with minimum weekly salary requirements for actors. The workshop agreement. Workshop is a special agreement that is managed by the Eastern Region and is used for the development of new works, usually a musical, and usually before the commitment of a planned production contract.