Account Charge Agreement

the bank account that is referred to as a “blocked bank account” with the account number [insert account number] and the sorting code [insert a sorting code] and managed by the Chargor with the lender (and any replacement account, sub-division or sub-part of that account); In accordance with the account fee agreement, Aptech deposits in its designated account with Banco Bank a sum that will not go beyond Willow`s loan to the subscription of Aptech DRS as collateral for all willow obligations under the credited agreement (signed between Banco Bank and Willow, which has agreed by Banco Bank to lend Willow for the subscription to DRS). I note that, as part of the account fee agreement, Aptech was only able to withdraw an equivalent amount from its registered account at the time of payment and final performance of all of Willow`s obligations under its credit contract, and that Banco Bank was unable to withdraw the rights and obligations of the parties under the account fee contract and Banco Bank the amount of bank assets his account in Aptech. The availability of the loan facility is conditional on the implementation of this deed by Le Chargor for the purposes of guaranteeing the lender with respect to secured bonds (as defined below). [insert the name of Chargor], a company headquartered in England and Wales, with the registered number [insert company number] whose headquarters are under [insert address] (the Chargor); As a result, Pramod, aptech`s chief executive, who signed the banking fee agreement on behalf of Aptech and insured the GDR`s revenues, and Aptech are involved in the fraud involving the signing of the account fee agreement and the non-disclosure of it to the stock exchanges, the provisions of the PFUTP regulations. The lender has agreed to provide the Chargor with a loan facility on the terms set out in the loan agreement (as defined below). means that all the money is on the balance of the blocked bank account at any time, whether in sterling or any other currency, and either as an extension or replacement of the sums previously paid or otherwise paid, as well as all interest incurred from time to time [insert the lender`s name] to [insert address] (the lender). In the immediate case, Pramod, as managing director of Aptech and on behalf of Aptech, signed the Account Charge Agreement to mortgage Aptech`s GDR product. The aforementioned account fee agreement was an integral part of the credit agreement between Willow and Banco Bank and vice versa, and both were executed simultaneously and on the same day.dem October 20, 2003.