Our Company

We’re a second generation, family owned towing and recovery company based in Grand Prairie, Texas. Dave’s Hi-Way Wrecker Service has been serving all who call us for service for over sixty years. We’re the oldest tow company in all of Grand Prairies, setting a tradition that only we can maintain.

Our fleet is huge, capable, and expanding. We have rollbacks with very low load angles to haul exotic sports cars. Our rollbacks are also capable of hauling heavy long trucks that are 4DR (crew cab) sometimes with welders or other equipment on the bed. We also have a 53 ft. Landoll trailer rated at 35-ton carrying capacity that has transported everything from forklifts, totaled semis and trailers, and we can use the same Landoll trailer to haul the longest limousines out there. We also have a 35ton heavy duty wrecker that is capable of handling tractor trailers loaded or empty. With huge storage capability, our secure lots are capable of housing more than one hundred vehicles for impounds and storage.

Through proper preparation, hard work, and quality customer service, we have earned the trust of countless repeat customers throughout our service area. We maintain a strong relationship with local Texas service and repair provider, Service King. Dave’s Hi-Way Wrecker Service is also the sole contractor for the City of Grand Prairie, completing tows and impounds for the local police department on a regular basis. We value our role serving the community and take pride in every job we complete here in Grand Prairie. From towing, recovery and roadside assistance to Landoll services, fleet maintenance and mobile repair, Dave’s is always on our tows.


Very Professional, and very fair cost. Had my car towed when it broke down, the driver and also the owner was there in less than 20 min. Very helpful.

I had a blow out in my trailer with a ATV on 30. Loaded the whole thing up and me and my sons followed to the tire shop. Professional and friendly!

I do roadside assistance with another company. And a driver from here pulled over and made sure I was safe wile doing a tire change. Making my job a lot safer and easier. Thank you Dave’s hi way