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Dave's Hi-Way Wrecker Service, Inc.

We provide towing and recovery services to all who call! With over sixty years of history, Dave’s Hi-Way Wrecker Service is the most trusted roadside service provider in Grand Prairie, Texas. Our fleet is large and expanding, and our team of towing operators have decades of experience. Meeting the needs of customers throughout much of Texas, we’re the most stable and capable towing provider around. Some of our competitors show up and don't have the right experience—and it shows in the tow job, when the car ends up running down a hill, or is damaged.

1509 E. Main Street, Grand Prairie, Texas 75050

(972) 262-2000

(972) 262-1222



Very professional and fast. My car broke down on the side of the I30 during rush hour, I called Dave's and was told they were very busy working a bad wreck and it would be a while before they could get to me. Less than 20 min later a wrecker showed up to tow my car. It was Greg the owner of Dave's Hi-Way. He didn't want me on the side of the Highway too long and so he came to get me himself!!! A real Gentalman!

I do roadside assistance with another company. And a driver from here pulled over and made sure I was safe while doing a tire change. Making my job a lot safer and easier. Thank you Dave’s Hi-Way
Lance M.
I was stranded on the service road of 161 on Sunday morning of 9/27 with a baby, and Dave's was the only towing company I knew of. The driver arrived within 15 minutes - which I know is probably not the norm when it comes to requesting a tow - but it was SO very appreciated. The dispatcher and the driver were both friendly and helpful. I would both recommend and use Dave's again.
Courtney H.

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